“I wanna wee da bits!”

E is still difficult to understand when he talks.  I can understand many of his words as his mama but once in a while something comes along and I am stumped.  Today while driving home he was having a complete fit and was yelling “I wanna wee da bits!”  As I am driving I am wracking my brain about what this could possibly mean.  I am thinking about all of the things in the car and I just can’t figure it out. He always asked for “stat” aka snack when we get in the car.  Finally I got to a red light and looked in the backseat.  There was a pile of books back there. “I want to read the books!”  Dang I’m good!   That only took like 5 minutes but BOY was E feeling frustrated that I didn’t understand him!

That being said,  E is going to be a part of a speech study at the U of Colorado.  We get a bit of a stipend for each visit which will be happening after a long day of work so we will use it to go out to dinner.  I am very interested in what they will say about E. He has tons of words and speaks in sentences appropriate for his age but most people can’t understand most of what he says. I know that is in the range of normal  but I am still curious. 

Ps I wrote this entire blog in my car while waiting for a train to pass!  Long train.  :)

The Toddler Veggie Battle Takes a Turn for the Better!

Yesterday out of the blue,  E ate a carrot that had been pickled!  And then he ate another one!  WHAT??!@#  Not only did he eat them,  but he loved them.  Later that day he ate a kale chip!  Of all of the things to eat…KALE!  So guess what this mama has been doing today?  You guessed it,  pickling carrots and toasting kale.  It was super easy to pickle the carrots and lo and behold I had all of the ingredients on hand:


And I have made many a batch of kale chips,  but not since E was born and I have certainly did not expect that he would try one, let alone enjoy them!  I don’t really use a recipe when I make them because it is that easy….but here is one just in case you have the urge to make your first batch.


I have also been making zucchini/ carrot mini muffins every few days and we have been eating the heck out of them.  I am about to make another batch because we polished off 24 mini muffins in 2 days flat.  You can find that recipe on Cupcakes and Kale Chips but I am having trouble linking it to this post.  Super easy to make and delicious! 




Sick boy

Like clockwork, my baby is sick the first week of school. His only symptom is that he is burning up. His fever is too high for daycare and school starts tomorrow for 6th graders. Two years ago I missed the first day bc of maternity leave and last year bc E was sick for 3 days!  Looks like I won’t make the first day for the third year in a row!  Craziness! 

Potty training. Hahahaha. @ 2 years 3 months. 

My goal this summer was to potty train. E fought hard and I was completely unfocused with all the tenant drama that happened this summer as well. The tenant situation has calmed down (almost) and I am back to work full time. E is expressing a desire to sit on the toilet again….but he has yet to actually put anything into the potty. Then a friend of mine with a daughter 6 months younger just successfully potty trained her daughter at her daughters request. She told her mom she didn’t want to be in diapers anymore and then just started using the toilet!  And that was that!  Ugh. Well we have had it easy for lots of things so I guess this will be my struggle. Today we have nothing planned so we will maybe attempt to focus on naked potty day. If I could just get a little tinkle in the toilet I would reward him and then hopefully like a puppy he will get the connection! 

Another thing is that his teacher is a master at potty training. I am hoping she does better than I am doing! I offered her a $50 gift card to Starbucks of she could do it!  Haha. I may need to up the ante!

Our 1st (successful) trip to the dentist. 

I decided against taking my boy back to my dentist bc I didn’t feel like they were prepared to work with toddlers especially since I knew E was going to need some dental work. I called a local pediatric dentist with great reviews.  I had noticed some decay on the back of E’s teeth and I immediately worried that it may affect his adult teeth. 

In preparation (which I highly recommend you do before your first trip to the dentist) we watched YouTube videos of toddlers first trip to the dentist.   We practiced going “ahhhhhh!” and talked a lot about it in the days before we went. E was super excited when he got there; he  was very cooperative and not only got his teeth looked at and cleaned but also got a flouride treatment. I was super proud of him!  And it was confirmed that he has the beginnings of two cavities but I was told that he cannot get them filled bc of where they are on his teeth. He will need crowns if they get worse. Crowns. On his little itty bitty baby teeth. That seems a little ridiculous.  They said we can watch them and continue flouride treatments 4x a year. Hopefully this will slow the decay. I also need to think about stopping the before bed and nap nursing that may be the reason for the decay.  :(.  If he had to get crowns they said he would drink this medicine that would make him forget and make him a little drunk so they could work on him. Not my favorite idea but better than putting him completely under I suppose.  I am going to avoid crowns if possible.  We need to be better at brushing consistently. E has become a little more cooperative during brush time depending on his level of tiredness.  Regardless, I get that toothbrush in there and I scrub ALL of his teeth. Then I make a great big deal afterwards at why a big and brave boy he is!  He likes that!

Since we visited the dentist I came across this article that makes me feel hopeful that we won’t have to sedate E for what I feel is unnecessary dental work. Crowns seem a bit much for teeth that will be falling out in 3 years!



Things that are my mind today

I have a million little things running through my mind. Some of them are making me anxious and others I just wonder about. Here we go. 

1. E started hating the pool and even baths lately. It is a struggle to get him in the bath. But more annoying is he really has started becoming scared of the pool too. I used to be able to take him in and he would kick and let me put him on his back.  We took a little break from swimming over the winter and now he is terrified.  I signed him up for swim class and apparently since my brain is so solid these days I ended up at the wrong rec center and we missed our class. Oops.  So E and I swam around the wrong pool instead. He held onto me for dear life the entire time. He would not kick or even sit/stand on his own in a couple inches of water.  Hoping this is just a phase. 

2. He also suddenly hates to ride on the back of my bike. We used to ride everywhere and I loved it bc I need the exercise. My thighs have increased in size recently and barely fit into any of my pants!  Argh!  Can’t exactly feel very good about going to the ice cream store when we drive vs. bike.  The real issue is the bike helmet. He hates it and won’t wear it bc once it pinched him.  He has the memory of an elephant. 

3. My former niece now nephew spent the last week with me. I got to practice calling him Jack and using different pronouns.  No disrespect at all but it was hard!  I told him that if I suddenly said “Please call me Michelle” that he might find it difficult.  I was getting better toward the end.  But then something happened. My nephew got his period.  When you are sharing a bathroom you know these things.  That made things a little more complicated in my mind.  

4. We went to a fun community get together this morning. The fire department put it on.  A lot of freebies including free bike helmets!  Super cool. We had a free lunch and got to jump in the jumpy castle. E for some weird reason loves to look at the fire trucks but is terrified to go inside them.  One thing happened at this event  that got me thinking. While E was jumping in the jumpy house there was a kiddo there about 4ish. He was wearing a diaper.  I panicked thinking “holy crap what if this is my kid!”  I’m not going to judge…ok maybe I am going to judge… but if E is still wearing diapers at 4 we are never leaving the house. Like ever. 

5. My nice but extremely unhandy tenants just signed their lease. A month later they bailed. The husband lost his job and they can’t afford to live in Boulder any longer.  Both of my mortgages together add up to more than my monthly salary. They technically and legally have to pay the rent until I find new tenants but who knows what they have planned so I am freaking out. They want to move out soon and are helping me find new tenants but I am still feeling really nervous and anxious about the transition.  I hope whomever moves in can change a lightbulb bc the current tenants can barely do that!  Send out good juju into the universe for me!  Oh and the AC unit which is practically new just kicked it. 

6. I don’t want to go back to work in a few weeks. I look forward to having a schedule again but not for 5 days in a row.  And I am enjoying my time with E. Believe it or not,  even though I enjoy my two days off a week while E is in daycare,  I am so happy on Friday when I pick him up bc I know we have 5 whole days together. I love being his mommy!  Though I wish he liked to swim and ride bikes more than he does.😉

I hope all my northern hemi friends are enjoying the summer days and that my southern hemi friends are staying warm.  :). 

I have joined the ‘strangers telling me how to parent my child’ club!

E LOVES riding on the bus.  And today is my nephew’s 20th birthday (you may remember Jack from my “Is transgender the new goth?” post).  Anyway Jack wanted to go to the Farmer’s Market this morning and I said, “Hey let’s take the bus!”  So we took off about 9am for our adventure.  E was super excited on the bus and was quite gleeful!  He was climbing into my lap from his seat and holding my face and giving me sweet kisses.  He was standing up to see out the window as I held him and he would say, “Look mama,  a cow!  Look mama, a cloud!”  And so on.  He wanted to go sit with Jack at one point.  Normal 2 year old stuff.  Lots of movement,  but happy and mostly quiet.  Well this man behind us pipes up about 20 minutes into the ride, “I have PTSD and you need to control your child!”  I was floored!!!!!  Completely!!! I am extremely conscientious of my child’s  behavior and at no moment did I think he was being out of control. Even when he was squealing about the cows,  I whispered into his ear and said, “The mommy on the bus says SHHH,  shhhh,  shhh” and he giggled and quickly quieted down.  He is no dummy,  he gets that.  Most humans would watch these interactions and feel happy.  Not PTSD guy.  He went on to call me an entitled Boulder BITCH and insult about everything I did and made HUGE assumptions about who I was.  SO much so that I packed E up and left the bus.  I asked the driver what I needed to do to report this and he shrugged.  He was absolutely no help and borderline rude!  I have heard of things like this happening to other people,  but never even came close to having anything like this happen to me!  I suspect this man had some mental issues.  It shouldn’t bother me but it DOES!!! I want to make a big stink about the drivers rudeness and lack of support and the fact that I feel unsafe riding on a local bus as a mother of a young child.  It also makes me question myself,  like maybe my child was being crazy and I wasn’t cognizant of it.  But since my nephew was with me,  he confirmed that E was being just fine and was behaving like a typical toddler.   Sorry but toddlers do not sit for 25 minutes with their hands folded in their laps!  Argh!!!